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Data analysis

Guisdap 2 download page

Guisdap 1.8 download page

Guisdap 1.7 download page

Guisdap 1.65 download page

Other Guisdap info
Cookbook / Analysis / Tromsø
RAL Guisdap page
Leicester ESR post-integration page


Past, current, and future
Scheduling request form
Observing schedule with data info
Tromsø electronic log
Madrigal database
Raw and analyzed data page
Old files from ND computer

Calibration information
Old EISCAT calibration notes
New EISCAT calibrations

Analysis notes
MTR's GUISDAP analysis notes
plasma lines from beata modulation.
Notes on particular data sets from 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005

Real time
EISCAT analysis plots
SEC's Today's Space Weather
ACE / ACE solar wind monitoring
College Park solar wind monitoring

Data taking

EISCAT experimental programmes
Jussi Markkanen's exp page
Programme naming convention

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