EISCAT Tromsø Dynasonde

Ionospheric Results:

DSND analysis

Realtime Tromso: and Svalbard

Latest sounding (DSND analysis) and database
with its list of variables and how to access data.
Critical frequencies in a 48-hr plot.
Vector velocities in a 48-hr plot
Some older critical frequency tables.

Plot archives from an older version of DSND analysis:

Previous 24-hr critical frequency plots.
Previous 24-hr vector velocity plots.

The NOAA site where other worldwide sounders are available.

'Raw' analysis

Realtime Tromso: and Svalbard

Latest (self-updating) ionogram.
DSND and raw echo 24-hr colour plot of plasma frequency, self-updating.

IDL/GDL software archive

'Raw' ionogram archives:

Previous 24-hr plasma frequency plots
Previous 24-hr angle of arrival (n-s) plots
Daily zipped archives of individual 'raw analysis':
ionograms (with polarization in colour)
and skymaps (with Doppler in colour).

Latest neighbouring digisonde ionogram and IRF Ionosondes.

Mesospheric Results:

Imaging Doppler Interferometery (IDI) was run between ionospheric B-mode soundings from 2 May 1999 to 11 September 2003.

Further Dynasonde Information

More on Tromso sounder

Data quality comment on present soundings.
Diary of events
Listing of CD-ROM/DVD archive of raw soundings.
Pictures of the Tromsø Dynasonde.

General information and other sounders

NOAA pages with realtime soundings of Bear Lake (Utah) and Tromsø,
and a complete dynasonde bibliography up to 2004.