EISCAT Tromsø Dynasonde

Ionospheric Results:

DSND analysis

Realtime Tromso: and Svalbard

Latest sounding (DSND analysis) and database
with its list of variables and how to access data.
Critical frequencies in a 48-hr plot.
Vector velocities in a 48-hr plot
Some older critical frequency tables.

Plot archives from an older version of DSND analysis:

Previous 24-hr critical frequency plots.
Previous 24-hr vector velocity plots.

The NOAA site where other worldwide sounders are available.

'Raw' analysis

Realtime Tromso: and Svalbard

Latest (self-updating) ionogram.
DSND and raw echo 24-hr colour plot of plasma frequency, self-updating.

'Raw' ionogram archives:

Previous 24-hr plasma frequency plots
Previous 24-hr angle of arrival (n-s) plots
Daily zipped archives of individual 'raw analysis':
ionograms (with polarization in colour)
and skymaps (with Doppler in colour).

Latest neighbouring digisonde ionogram and Kiruna Dynasonde.

Mesospheric Results:

Imaging Doppler Interferometery (IDI) was run between ionospheric B-mode soundings from 2 May 1999 to 11 September 2003.

Further Dynasonde Information

More on Tromso sounder

Data quality comment on present soundings.
Diary of events
Listing of CD-ROM/DVD archive of raw soundings.
Pictures of the Tromsø Dynasonde.
Disk space on dynpc.

General information and other sounders

NOAA pages with realtime soundings of Bear Lake (Utah) and Tromsø,
and a complete dynasonde bibliography.