Pictures of EISCAT's Dynasonde at Ramfjordmoen near Tromsų



Transmitting antenna looking north (24/06/2004)
Transmitting antenna looking south (24/06/2004)
Transmitting antenna looking south east (24/06/2004)
Transmitting antenna centre (24/06/2004)
Transmitting antenna feed point (24/06/2004)


Part of receiving antenna array : W antenna with e and s dipoles
in background (25/06/2004)

Receiving dipole (W) showing PRE antenna above it and ionosonde
(Digisonde) mast in background (25/06/2004)

Receiving dipole (W) (25/06/2004)
West antenna preamp box (25/06/2004)
Receiving dipole (N) (Damaged through vibration and snow) (29/03/1997)
Receiving half-dipole (N) (temporary repair) (29/03/1997)


The sounder in Heating building (25/06/2004)
The PC (left rack) (25/06/2004)
Operating the sounder (ca. 1995)