4th European Heating Seminar

Ramfjordmoen, Tromsø, 16-19 May 1995

Preliminary programme

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Tuesday 16 May

09.00	Introductory remarks
        M. Rietveld, I. Storhaug
09:15	Welcome to EISCAT
	Dr A. P. van Eyken

Heating Facilities

09.30	EISCAT-Heating: results and future prospects
	M. T. Rietveld
10.00	US Heater plans (HAARP)
	J. Rasmussen
10.45	Remarks on the 2nd Finnish EISCAT-Heating campaign, October 1994
	T. B÷singer

11.00	Coffee break

Interaction of Electromagnetic and Plasma Waves

11.30	Theory of electrostatic excitations in ionospheric radio Heating experiments
	E. Mj°lhus
12.00	Recent Langmuir turbulence results from Troms° Heating experiments
	H. Kohl

12.30	Lunch at Veikroa

14.00	SEE applications for studying temporal evolution of artificial ionospheric 
	V. L. Frolov, L. M. Kagan, and E. N. Sergeev.
14.30	Title to be decided
	B. ThidÚ
15.00	Generation of broad-band artificial ELF radiation by HF heating of the 
	N. D. Borisov

15.15	Coffee break

15.45	Disturbances in the ionosphere initiated by powerful HF radio waves
	N. Blagoveshchenskaya, V. A. Kornienko
16.05	Influence of HF heating on magnetic perturbations caused by moving 
	ionospheric irregularities
	N. D. Borisov
16.20	End of session

Wednesday 17 May (Norwegian National Holiday) Sightseeing (Parades in Troms°, etc.) 17.30 Leave Ramfjordmoen for Troms°, cable car to top of mountain 19.00 Workshop Diner overlooking Troms°
Thursday 18 May Conductivity modulation: ULF 09.00 Possibility for determination of D-region electron profile and ionospheric electron field from Heating facility measurements W. Lyatsky, E. Belova and A. Pashin 09.20 Generation of artificial geomagnetic pulsations in the Pc1 frequency range T. B÷singer et al. 09.40 Polarization of artificial magnetic pulsations caused due to ionospheric heating by HF radiowave. E. Belova, E. Pchelkina, A. Pashin and W. Lyatsky 10.00 On efficiency of ionospheric conductivity disturbances by powerful HF radiowave. A. B. Pashin, E. G. Belova, W. B. Lyatsky 10.20 Coffee break Conductivity modulation: VLF 11.00 On a harmonic structure of the artificial VLF-signals generated during ionosphere heating. A. B. Pashin, W. B. Lyatsky A. Oikarinen, J. Manninen 11.20 First experiences of VLF heating made by beam swinging A. Oikarinen, J. Manninen, J. Kultima and T. Turunen Heating and the lower ionosphere 11.40 Optical effects caused by HF heating observed in October 1994 I. Kornilov, J. Manninen and J. Kultima 12.00 On EISCAT incoherent scatter results during API-experiments on 14-15 September 1994 E. Turunen, P. Pollari, N. Goncharov, M. T. Rietveld 12.20 Lunch at Veikroa 14.00 Resonant heating- physical aspects and technical possibilities I. Kornilov, J. Manninen, J. Kultima and T. Turunen 14.20 Introduction to the poster: Time dependent solution of a detailed ion chemistry model for analysis of D-region API experiments H. Matveinen and E. Turunen 14.30 Move to Heating Building for a tour and demonstration of the API experiment.
Friday 19 May Campaign plans 09.00 Plans for Heating campaign in November 1995 E. Turunen/J. Manninen 09.15 Information on other campaigns planned for 1995 M. Rietveld 09.30 Discussion on plans and co-operation 10.30 Coffee break 11.00 Next seminar 11.10 Summary of seminar T. B÷singer ?, M. Rietveld End of Meeting